925 Sterling Silver Ankh Angle Wing Pendant Ancient Egyptian Amulet All-Seeing-Eye Necklace Ankh Jewelry for Women Men

SKU: CJZBGJJE01872-Silver-0.86inch*1.14inch

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[Design Inspiration]  According to legend, Horus' right eye symbolizes the complete sun, which has the power to stay away from pain and overcome evil. This is the jewelry of a necklace that combines an ankh cross, angel wings and an ankh cross. Wearing this amulet necklace can prevent disasters, diseases and magical intrusion, and help the wearer win the victory of love and war.


Chain type:Leather

Chain length:18+2 inches




Material:925 silver

Package Include:

1* Necklace

1* Delicate jewelry box
1* Gift bag
1* Maintenance instruction
1* Silver polishing cloth


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