European And American Cross-border New Nordic Tarot Pendant

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Product information:
Style: exotic
Material: Copper
Treatment process: electroplating
Type: pendant, pendant
Style: Unisex
Shape: Letters/Numbers/Text
Packaging: Individually packed
Color: Power (including chain), Hermit (including chain), Sun (including chain), Wheel of Fortune (including chain), Death (including chain), Moon (including chain), Pope (including chain), Demon (including chain) ), justice (including chain), temperance (including chain), priestess (including chain), lovers (including chain), stars (including chain), queen (including chain), magician (including chain), emperor (including chain) ), trial (including chain), tower (including chain), chariot (including chain), hanging man (including chain), world (including chain), fool (including chain)
Size: 2.4*1.3cm

Packing list:

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