Personalized 12-color Rhombus Crystal Pendant Necklace

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This gorgeous Personalized 12-color Rhombus Crystal Pendant Necklace is crafted from stainless steel, meticulously inlaid with 12 vivid colors of crystals. The pendant size is 28.5mm x 20mm and is the perfect size for making a statement without sacrificing comfort. Impressive beauty and quality make this the ideal accessory for any occasion.

Product Details:
Material: titanium steel
Treatment process: electroplating
Style: Women's
Shape: Geometric
Circumference: 21cm (inclusive)-50cm (inclusive)
Color: P267-Golden August Peridot Necklace-40+5cm, P267-Golden February Zircon Necklace-40+5cm, P267-Golden September Blue Zircon Necklace-40+5cm, P267-Golden June Lavender Zircon Necklace-40+5cm, P267-Golden July Red Zircon Necklace-40+5cm, P267-Golden March Sea Blue Zircon Necklace-40+5cm, P267-Golden December Blue Zircon Necklace-40+5cm ,P267-Golden November Topaz Necklace-40+5cm,P267-Golden October Rose Necklace-40+5cm,P267-Golden April White Necklace-40+5cm,P267-Golden May Green Zircon Necklace-40+ 5cm,P267-Gold January Siam Necklace-40+5cm

Size Information:
Circumference: 21cm (inclusive)-50cm (inclusive)
Size: 40+5cm

Package Contents:
Necklace X1

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